Comics Competition [Complete]

Yo Busters

Thank you for voting! Shout out to Fafala for winning the Comics Competition! Second place went to NikkiPunk while Spook finished third. Check out the winning submissions HERE.

-BB Crew


Yo Busters!

We have selected the top three comics that we received as submissions for Comics Competition. 

The vote is taking place on 
Brawl Busters Facebook Page. Check out THIS album and Like the best comic in your opinion. The comic with the most Likes by Monday May 28th at 11:00am EDT will be crowned the winner!

Best of luck!


Yo Busters!

We've got another creative event for all you artsy brawlers out there. Draw a short comics about Brawl Busters using the provided three-cartoon template and you could win ritsy Rock Tokens prizes!

There's no theme for this competition except the comics has to tell a story that relates to Brawl Busters. Tap your imagination and show us the Brawl Busters world from your pespective!

Please use the template for your submissions. Download it 
HERE or HERE. The template is oversized so feel free to make is smaller if you wish.

Email your entries to 
[email protected] with title "Comics by [your in-game name]". Submissions deadline is Thursday May 24th. Top comics will be put up for vote on the Forum to determine the winner.

Prizes are as following: the winner gets 15,000RT, second place gets 7,500RT, while third place earns 5,000RT.

Good luck!

-BB Crew
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