Get Glow or Die Tryin'
9/5/2012 3:46:16 PM

Yo Busters!

Get Glow or Die Tryin' Update has been released! Hustle for Glow Control while using your shiny gamepads! Plus customize player limits and brag about your stats in game! How does that sound, yo?

Glowbusters-  The new Glow Control mode is a supernatural twist on the classic King of the Hill. Capture and hold special Zones that emit the radioactive Glow substance.

Brawlpad- Gamepad support has been added due to an overwhelming demand. Various controllers are supported, including the popular Xbox controllers.  

Custom Brawls- Your cries have been heard! Now you customize and decrease player limits in all matches, if you prefer a more intimate way to bust brawls.

Newbie AssistanceAll new players will now start with a Rookie Helmet which provides master protection. For the sake of gameplay balance, this special item expires after three days.   

Friend Check- Do you like to brag? Now you can check out your Friends' stats in game and show off your own!

To obtain and play Get Glow or Die Tryin' Update, simply launch your Brawl Busters game client and let it auto-patch.

-BB Crew 

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