The 16th Warrior
8/9/2012 11:17:01 PM

"An Ordinary Buster... An Extraordinary Update."

Yo Busters!

The 16th Warrior update has now been released! Play with 15 other Busters in all PvP modes, observe & intrude ongoing brawls, level up to lvl.40, and duel 1vs1 in Midnight Arena.

Big Brawls- large-scale battles are taking over Mega City. Brawl with or against 15 other Busters in all Team and Versus modes.  

Level Up- character level cap has been increased to 40, up from 25. Become a great warrior and leave others in awe!

Duel- challenge your nemesis one-on-one in Midnight Arena. This new map is reserved for intimate brawls only. 

Observe & Intrude- observe great warriors perform their trade and learn from the best. Intrude and help the underdog when you're ready!

To get The 16th Warrior update, simply launch your Brawl Busters game client and let it auto-patch.

-BB Crew 
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