Brawlympics 2012
7/27/2012 10:41:34 AM

Update [08.07.12]

Results In: Sprint & Boxing

Big shouts go to Ellos Crew for winning the Sprint competition! They finished a round of Zombie Survival the fastest with the record-shattering time of 2 minutes & 55 seconds! FEAR Crew finished second, while ChocoPop Crew won the bronze prize! 

High fives to all Crews that participated in the Boxing tournament! Courage Crew beat out the competition and is the winner! Seven Crew earned the silver prize, while E_X_T_R_A Crew reached the respectable third place!

Head over to BRAWLYMPICS HQ to check out the updated Crew standings and prizes info. 


Update [08.01.12]

First Results In: Archery

Shouts to MsNello (Courage Crew) and Spook (Ellos Crew) who both won Gold at the Archery event. They get a 30day Golden Weapon of choice each. FrogIsHere (intuition Crew) won the Bronze and he gets a 7day Golden Weapon of choice. Head over to BRAWLYMPICS HQ to check out the updated Crew standings. 


"The most important thing in the Brawlympics is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well."

Yo Busters!

Introducing... BRAWLYMPICS 2012- take part in five competitions that will award you generous individual prizes. You could win Rock Tokens, Buster Points, and Golden Weapons!

But that's not all. You will also earn Olympic points towards the overall leaderboard for participating in each competition. Three Crews that earn most Olympic points  will win a Lightning outfit set for each Crew member.

Check out more details, prizes, and how to participate at our official BRAWLYMPICS Page

-BB Crew

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