Brawlmance [COMPLETE]
2/10/2012 3:58:56 PM

Yo Busters!

Congratulations to romantic Spook for coming up with the best poem on the topic of Brawl Busters & love as voted by the Busters community.

The winner gets all four Evil Cutie costumes for 90 days!

Check out the lovely winning poem and shout out the author HERE.

-BB Crew


Yo Busters!

Thanks for submiting your awesome poetry to us! It has been real fun reading it all.

The Top Three contestants has been chosen. Now it's up to you to pick the winner.

Head over HERE and vote for the best entry! Voting ends tomorrow, Wednesday the 22nd.

- BB Crew


Yo Busters!

In celebration of the Valentine's Day we're throwing a poetry contest called Brawlmance.

Compose a short poem or a jingle with the theme of Brawl Busters and love and you could win the Evil Cutie Outfit that consists of all four Evil Cutie Costumes. Deadline for submissions is February 17th. Good luck! 

Check out the rules & more info HERE

- BB Crew
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