Super Brawl [Complete]
1/27/2012 2:47:46 PM

Yo Busters!

Congratulations to the My lil Pwny Blitzer team consisting of Spook, Jegenrapo, AjR0nMaN_HuN and iKeel for winning the Super Brawl Glow Rush Tournament held this weekend! Way to go!

In a distant second place, we have the Bulldogs, with ltdude1, S1NNCeD, mitokboxerman1 and karlsuper.

(forum link)

-BB Crew


Yo Busters!

February is approaching fast, it's time for the Super Brawl!

We're celebrating one of the biggest sporting events in the world by throwing a Blitzers-only Glow Rush tournament on Saturday, February 4th.

Win an upgraded Scorching Light weapon for your favorite Buster class + a custom Title for yourself!

All the details & registration is HERE.

Good Luck!

-BB Crew
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