Rumble In The Box

"The Mill cannot grind with the water that is past"

Yo Busters!

Introducing RUMBLE IN THE BOX Update... new map, fresh costumes & weapons, special items, and gameplay adjustments.

Riot Mill: Grind your opponents to a pulp on this brand-new multi-level arena.

Store: Are you ready for some serious shopping? Every class has received two fresh sets of beastly Wildcat costumes & weapons.

Lucky Boxes: From now on, you can get elusive Lucky Keys after a match. Use these with Lucky Boxes to acquire special items like Hero Sets and Golden Weapons.

Gameplay Updates: Additional match customization options are now available. You can adjust the time and the kill limits, so how will you brawl?

Level cap has been increased to 25 for more levels of action-packed fun.

For more details on Gameplay Updates read THIS.

Crews 1.0: The first phase of Brawl Busters' clan system has arrived in the Busters Centre. Hit it up now to Create Crew, Enlist, and check out Crew Rankings.

Let's rrrrrrrrumble, get in game now!

-BB Crew
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