Crews 1.0

"All for one, one for all!"

Introducing... CREWS 1.0 -  the first phase of the Brawl Busters clan system.
Crews have arrived in the Busters Centre! Hit it up now to Create a Crew (min Lvl 8 + 2000 BP), Enlist (min Lvl 3), and check out the Rankings to see who's the best Crew around. Rankings are based on Crew Points earned by members (certain limitations apply.)

Here's how it works: Each Crew (20 Busters max) has a Leader who oversees Team A, Team B, and the Reserves. Each Team also has their own Captain. Make sure to pick your leadership wisely!

Please note that Crews will not show up in-game yet. Stay tuned for this feature to arrive with CREWS 2.0.

-BB Crew 
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