Yo Busters!

Thanks for tweeting, birdies! The winners of Tips4Tips have been determined. If we retweeted your tip because it was worthy, you've won! We will contact each winner shortly via a Twitter Direct Message, check your inbox!

P.S. The tips pool has been increased to 45000+BP because of many great tips!

-BB Crew

Yo Busters!

Think you're any good? Did you know that many rookies join Buster ranks daily? How about you share your knowledge with others?

Task: tweet your top Brawl Busters gameplay-related tips using hashtag #BrawlTips.

Reward: 30000+BP prize pool will be split amongst the top tipsters.
You have up until Sunday, May 6th to tweet your best tips. Worthy tips will get re-tweeted.

Want 140 characters or less daily scoop on Brawl Busters? Make sure to follow us @BrawlBusters.

-BB Crew
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