Mission: Improbable
5/3/2012 4:45:59 PM

Yo Busters!

Will you accomplish your task against all odds? Let's find out!

Introducing... MISSION:IMPROBABLE Update. Here's the brief: do the daily chores, sell your old stuff, play fair, and buy Buster Points.

Daily Missions: Everyday your Buster will receive five random but important assignments. The more Missions you complete, the more rewards you get!

Item Sellback: Got any oldies lying around your Locker covered in cobweb? Earn Buster Points when you sell your old weapons & costumes back to the game.

Fair Play: Do you want perfectly-balanced brawling sessions? Easy, just hit the "Auto-Balance" option when creating a room/match.

Bonus BP: Got too many Rock Tokens and not enough Buster Points? Buy a special Tiger Skin Mask accessory and you will be happier than Tony the Tiger. "Grrrrrrreat!"

This message will self-destruct in 3.....2......

-BB Crew

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