Bonus RT Promotions

Yo Busters, it's time to fill up your coffers!

Check out these two promotions:

TokenAds: Get bonus 10% Rock Tokens on every offer. The bonus is already included in the RT amounts that are displayed. Offer ends April 15th.

GoCash: Six players who deposit most Rock Tokens by April 15th will get the following prizes:
1st- $50 GameStop gift card + $45 PIN that can be redeemed for RT
2nd - $45 PIN
3rd - 6th - $15 PIN

Check out THIS link on more info on where to get your GoCash Game Cards.
*GoCash prizes will be sent out to the emails associated with the respective Brawl Busters accounts.

Start depositing Rock Tokens HERE.

Enjoy the dough!

-BB Crew
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