Space Race Facebook Event

Yo Busters! 

Busters worldwide are working hard and diligently at collecting fuel for the rockets. So to show encouragement and keep up the excellent work, come show your support by changing your Facebook Cover Photo to the Brawl Busters Space Race Cover for 7 DAYS and RECEIVE 3,000 BP!

From today, May 9th, until Friday May 10th, upload the Brawl Busters Space Race banner as your Facebook Cover Photo, and keep it up UNTIL MAY 17th and RECEIVE 3,000 BP*!

To enter in to the event all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

Click HERE to see the Facebook banner. Right click the banner image to save on to your computer.


Copy and Paste the text below into the description of the Cover Photo 
and Tag the Brawl Busters Facebook Page. 

The Busters are constructing a rocket with which they will launch at an asteroid on June 1st. They need everybody‚Äôs help to collect the fuel for the rocket. 

Join the Brawl Busters community now and help them achieve this goal. Completing the challenge, you will win EXCLUSIVE PRIZES for the ENTIRE COMMUNITY!

Join now @ !

Once you have connected your Facebook and Brawl Busters account, 
click the "Submit" button below to enter in to the event!

- Busters Crew

*BP will be awarded after June 3rd as "BP Spent" is one of the Goals in the Space Race Challenge.
**We will make random checks, and only those who have the Cover Photo up for the entire 7 days will receive the prize. 
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