GMs vs. Players [COMPLETE]

Yo Busters!

Our super-skilled Game Masters are looking for a challenge. Do you have what it takes?

For three days, March 6-8GMs will be in the game waiting for brave Busters to accept their challenge. Be on a lookout for [
GM]Fruitcake, [GM]AK, [GM]breadnbutter and, possibly, a special guest. They will be waiting for challengers in the Channel: Open 04. The room shall be entitled "GMs vs. Players". Bring your best Team Deathmatch and Glow Rush skills to the table!

GMs will be playing at random times, so keep an eye out on the Channel: Open 04. We will also notify you via our
Facebook, Twitter, & Steam pages.

The prizes, if any, will be awarded strickly on GMs' discretion. You better impress!

Good luck, courageous ones!

-BB Crew

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