Beat The Bubble [Complete]
1/23/2012 3:15:03 PM

Congratulations to AjR0nMaN_HuN, SpookiKeel and Jegenrapo for winning the Beat The Bubble event with an incredible time of 7 minutes & 6 seconds!

To see who placed 2nd & 3rd overall go HERE.

All prizes will be awarded shortly.

-BB Crew


Yo Busters!

Bubble Yum is getting out of control! Put together an elite team of four dedicated Busters and Beat The Bubble fast! Do it up and you can chew on some sweeeeeeet RT prizes.

How To Enter:
1)      Beat the Bubble Yum as fast as you can.
2)      Take a screenshot of your best time.
3)      Email the screenshot to [email protected], entitled "Beat The Bubble - [in-game name]".

- 32,000RT+ custom Titles for the team with the best time (8,000RT/Buster)
- 20,000RT for the second-best time (5,000RT/Buster)
- 16,000RT for the third-best time (4,000RT/Buster)

Deadline for submissions is Monday, January 30th at 11:59pm EST.

More details HERE. Good luck, y'all!

--BB Crew

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