European Cup GameDay Challenge
6/6/2012 5:17:30 PM

"Soccer is a matter of life and death, only more important."

Yo Busters!

Introducing the... European Cup GameDay Challenge! Support your favorite national teams and predict the winner of every match for a chance to win Buster Points daily!

Predict a match's winner by buying the special 1-day glasses, that represent each team in the tournament, the day before the match starts. The glasses come with a 1,000 BP Coupon. If your team wins the match, you will earn another 1,000 BP. If your team looses or the match ends in a tie, you don't gain anything, yet you don't loose anything either.

Make your predictions HERE. This page will be updated daily one hour before first match's start. with the new up-coming matches. Right now, try to predict the winner of Czech Republic vs. Portugal match!  

Note: the 30-day special glasses purchased for One Million RT Challenge do not qualify for GameDay Challenge daily prizes.

-BB Crew


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