Bodyguard Tournament

Are you and your team ready to protect a VIP by risking your own lives?

If so, then sign up your team today in our forum for our Bodyguards Tournament on Thursday, April 25th!

Each team will have 5 players with one member being the designated “VIP”. The goal of this tournament is to protect your team’s VIP and eliminate the other team’s VIP! Games will be played on Team Death Match for 10 minutes. The team that receives 3 VIP kills progresses to the next round. If there is a tie, both VIPs will go 1 vs 1 in a 3 round Elimination Match!

Each team must have two players on reserve. Players, including those on reserve, can only play for one team. 

The TOP 3 Bodyguard Teams will receive these AWESOME prizes:

1st Place Team: 25,000 RT + 7-Day Gold Weapons that are +7*
2nd Place Team: 15,000 RT + 7-Day Gold Weapons that are +7*
3rd Place Team: 5,000 RT + 7-Day Gold Weapons that are +7*

*RT and Weapons will be split amongst the team members. 

Make sure to register your team by Wednesday, April 24th!

May the best team WIN!
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