I Draw Therefore I Am: Wallpapers [Complete]

Yo Busters!

Your wallpapers were AWESOME! Check out the winning submissions and more info HERE.

-BB Crew


Yo Busters!

It's time to show off your creativity one more time! We made a wallpaper featuring the Rocker, but it's rather boring because it's missing colors!
Download (here or here) and color in the Rocker wallpaper for a chance to win one of three prizes:
1st place - 15,000RT
2nd place - 15,000BP
3rd place - 10,000BP

Please submit your wallpapers to [email protected] with a title "Rocker Wallpaper - (In-Game Name). Submissions deadline is April 1st (not a joke!). Top wallpapers will be put up for vote on the Forum.

-BB Crew
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