[UPDATED] Space Race Challenge

UPDATE: 06/01/2013

Yo Busters! 

We have some AWESOME NEWS! See the news paper article below:

Enough fuel was collected to send the rocket in to space. At midnight, the rocket took off from Mega City''s shuttle pad and made contact with the asteroid. Unfortunately, the rocket’s tanks were not completely filled, so that a large chunk of the asteroid was not able to be excavated.

Upon impact, pieces of the asteroid were able to be chipped off and they descended to earth. Some Busters were able to extract Brawlium from the pieces collected of the asteroid! Luckily, due to every Busters valiant efforts, the entire community completedout of the 12 goals and managed to get enough Brawlium for some PRIZES

ALL Busters will be receiving:        2 Fuse Limbs +2,
  1 Fuse Clothes +2 

And because of all the hard work put in by the community, all Busters will be receiving as a 

BONUS:     1 Fuse Hat +3

Make sure to log on to Brawl Busters as everyone in the Busters community will be receiving these epic prizes by Friday, June 7th! So stay tuned Busters!

Thanks for all your hard work!

Yo Busters! 

We have some EXCITING news to announce today! 

The Busters Aeronautics and Space Administration (BASA) discovered an asteroid that will be passing our atmosphere on June 1st. This asteroid contains a very SPECIAL and RARE metal called “BRAWLIUM,” which, when refined, can be used to create new weapons and parts! 

Few Busters have already started construction on a makeshift rocket that will be launched at the asteroid in order to collect its materials. They are far too busy constructing the rocket to go out and collect fuel. We need everyone in the community to join in and help us reach 12 GOALS. Each goal helps fuel the rocket that we will be sending to the asteroid in hopes of getting some of that precious Brawlium! 

Goals include: 900,000 Weapon Kills310,000,000 BP Spent105,000,000 EXP Earned2,000 Twitter Retweets3,000 Facebook Shares, etc!

Now Busters… Are you up for the Space Race Challenge?

If you help the Busters to get to the asteroid and collect the Brawlium, everybody in the community will reap the rewards!

Here are the AWESOME rewards that EVERYONE in the community can WIN:

COMPLETE 4 GOALS:     Fuse Limbs +2

COMPLETE 8 GOALS:   Fuse Limbs +2
  Fuse Clothes +2

COMPLETE ALL 12 GOALS:     Triple BP Weekend
Fuse Clothes +2
Fuse Hat +3

This month requires every Busters' help and participation! So make sure you encourage everyone around to join in! Remember, we only have until May 31st to collect all of the fuel or we will miss this chance!

The counter will start on May 1st at 12am EDT and you will have until May 31st at 11:59pm EDT to complete the challenge! Be sure to check our website often and click on the “Space Race Challenge” banner to see how you’re doing!*

Go to check out the challenges and find out how you can help fuel the rocket!

Additional Information:

Facebook Share Goal: We will be post weekly. Share the Space Race posts on our Facebook page (CLICK HERE) to complete the goal.

Twitter Retweets Goal: We will be posting daily. Retweet our posts (CLICK HERE) to complete the goal. 

* ALL Space Race Challenge statistics will be UPDATED DAILY.  So keep checking back every day!
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