Our home is a world formerly united and prosperous. Blue skies, fun rides, and bright lights have given way to Buster Zones, zombie waves, and incredible fights.
Citizens started experiencing unnatural phenomena some time ago. Inanimate objects, vehicles, and structures were becoming twisted and moved as if they had a life of their own.
Dr. Jessie Glave was able to identify a strange energy as cause for the phenomena. His research enabled industries to extract and refine the energy into a new substance: Glow.
Only Busters possessed the ability to handle Glow safely.

They joined Crews and set up
Glow extractors throughout Mega City.
In the midst of this energy revolution, a menace lurked in the shadows.

The citizens call them Zombies.
Busters, equipped with Glow-powered weapons, could be our only chance to end this madness.

The philosophy is simple...